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    flashing since v3
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    Jan 2002

    and i swear if anyone steals my idea im gonna get them killed off.

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    so after you upload your pic then what? Is this a matchmaker type site or what? The description of what the site is for wsan't too clear and yeah you need a logo ;-)

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    good idea chris

    yo chris its a great idea although I do have some reservations in that I hope you have a correct backend with such a great domain you will get alot of visitors and I would be worried with strains upon the server. Can you afford it. But just to say I would like to help in any way I can with this project. Please take a look at my latest project below.



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    flashing since v3
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    Jan 2002
    umm yeah check out http://www.faceparty.com for the sort of site i want to build....

    the thing is... people are uploading other ppls photos....

    so i hope to eliminate that by only allowing them to upload their photos via flash...

    flash takes a pic of them.. and saves it on the server

    the backend is fully loaded as php/mysql

    and the host is very keen on advertising and doesnt mind the publicity

    http://www.hosttoday.co.uk for hosting

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