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Thread: club site,..needs a check

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    It's still rough, but i can use some opinions,....
    ("gallery", "directions" and "contact" are not working yet, some preloaders are not graphically adjusted,...)

    anyways, the link:

    Thanks a lot.

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    Vox = Voice Vox98's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    Its coming along nicely, but get rid of the 2A sounds!!
    And the sounds you have on your rollovers sound muffled and choppy.

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    Big gulps huh?
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    Sep 2000
    good choice in music, however the rest of the sounds need to be changed, the 2advanced sounds standout immediately, get rid of them, but then when you add new sounds in make sure they time up with something happening on the page....the button sounds were timed well but the transition sounds seemed misplaced because i couldnt fix them to any movement...just kind of odd...but so far a good job, very good club feel

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    i appreciate the feedback, and understand exactly what you mean by 2A snd,...
    the thing is that honestly by now i have no clue which sound I'm pulling from where,...
    i might as well change all fx (just keep the loops),...and spend a couple of hours going through my whole snd lib getting rid of all 2a sounding FX,..but lets be honest,..unfortunately,..most of us have em.


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    Vox = Voice Vox98's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    I wouldnt say most of us have them, Only way to get them is if you rip there stuff, And Im not talking just trying to duplicate the sound, but Im talking about using an swf ripper. Thats illegal. Especially you admitting to pulling sounds from so many places. Im not trying to rag on you, but warning you! Ive been here a while, and have seen some people get into alot of trouble.


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    You got me wrong Vox,..when i said i'm pulling sounds,..i meant from my cd's,...fx libs you buy with 100,000 + fx per cd,..and those you dload from respurce pages,...
    I don't rip,...I use to do it before - purely for fun - but i did that when you had to go into hex to do it,..now it's too easy.
    and yeap,..i've been doing this (it)for a while as well,...about '96,..
    appreciate the input though,...

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    Apr 2001
    the background image should be more discreet (blurred or less contrasts).

    how are the girls on the photos? do you got their numbers?

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    Originally posted by Vox98
    but get rid of the 2A sounds!!
    What is a 2A sound? A high frequency ping or a glide swoosh!

    Lots of those frequency sounds on early 2A stuff were from Flashkit anyhow because I have them (or perhaps someone ripped them and then posted them on Flashkit. Though the sounds have been on here for a few years now and were probably around before proper extracting software)

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    first - to key_siegert,....yes,..chicks are nice ,...and a nice thing when doing a club site is that you can always charge them less,..as long as they drop in a VIP card,..

    k2f,..i COMPLETELY AGREE with you,...as much as any half serious designer is trying to distance himself/herself from the -in my opinion- already beaten up 2a design,...you cannot work if you always have to a priori reject any sound, motion or concept that might in some possible way resemble 2a,..or Jordan in that manner,...

    I am 100% honest when i say that exactly because of that i HAVE NOT visited any of his sites (maybe i did,..but wasn't aware of it), simply because i want to be sure that what i do,..is what i came up with,...
    If it eventually turns out that some aspects of my design resemle some of his,...screw it,...i didn't copy nothing,..i know it,..and that's it,...if it resembles - it resembles - there are only so many ways you can bring a graphic in.
    Who knows,..maybe he goes arround gets inspiration some other guys, uses it, and there it is,..nobody can use it any more because EJ had it in one of his sites. That's crap.
    Honestly,..i am sick and tired of 2a comparisons (as i am sure lot of people are),...but again,...NOBODY can have a monopoly over the way a MC moves in, graphics blink or swoosh in or out,..or whatever for that matter,....

    Stupid exmple but still,...both Picasso and Braque explored synthetic cubism (paper glued on canvas),..buncha other people did as well,...do we deny the others for being copycats,..or maybe even Braque because eventually Picasso turned out as the more famous one?
    Or maybe we stop using glue because they did,..or maybe even paper,..or canvas,.....you get my point.
    (and i thought art history would never come in handy. )

    That's too much writnig already,..i'm going out for a beer guys,..have fun, and thans for replying to my post.


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    Jul 2002
    Sunshine State
    Nice site, although not much on the home page. But definetly has a club like feel.

    Boynton Beach here by the way...

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    cool. pretty nice. love the drop shadow thing. i bet if you upped the frame rate for the main movie to 24fps the animation would flow a bit more smoothly. very catchy and engaging.

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