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Thread: Plasma flash output : Lighting question

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    Just a lighting problem I have been having
    for some time. Plasma doesn't seem to render
    out lighting correctly.

    The light setup

    The rendered swf

    By all rights, since the light on the right is nearer
    to the face, it should be brighter, but it renders out
    otherwise. I used cartoon rendering. Both lights are
    the same, omni with default settings.

    Has anybody encountered this problem before?

    A secondary problem I am having with plasma flash output
    is I can't get the material to render out the color I
    want with cartoon shading. The color always duller than
    the material, even if I set a light to shine directly
    at it.

    Any help would be appreciated; I can't seem to find
    much help/reference material on Plasma on the web.

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    well two answers to two questions...

    1st. By default lights do not decay over space in plasma/max. You need to set that manually with the decay settings. Use the range and show/hide to see exactly how far your light will be cast. To change the brightness of a light you adjust the multiplier setting.

    2nd. I encountered the same flat color effect your describing but you can get around that by increasing the self illumination setting in the material editor.

    Hope that helps...

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    Cool picture. Any chance of posting the source file for it so us newbies can take a look?

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    Thanks alot for your response, alee.
    Sorry for the late reply. I was caught
    up with work, not much time to experiment
    further with plasma.

    Hi, Tw4win, here's the screenshot of the face
    wireframe before meshsmooth.

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    Also: With omni lights, the farther away they get, the brighter the get.

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