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Thread: My first flash site

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    My first flashsite is coming along nicely. Before I go any further, I would be greatfull for any comments. Remember I am a newbie but as they say "God loves a trier".


    Ps. I don't mind destuctive critisism as I will only learn from my mistakes, besides I have broad shoulders. On the other hand carefully placed tips and hints are much appreciated .
    Steady Breezes

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    Let me start off with the background. The blue is too bold abnd with the white text makes it reminiscent of the "Blue Screen of Death". So soften it up a bit, I would suggest making it a light blue grey so it stays in the background.

    Next enclose the site. You have it almost there and I believe that is your intent. Once it is enclosed, you should get crazy with color. You have two wonderful pieces of inspiration which I don't see you utilizing. Quilts and Kites, to very colorful pieces that you should draw some design ideas from.

    Since your focus is on 2 colorful things, take some color photos and put them on your site, including a color photo of you and your wife...I take that back, you already have a color photo of you and your wife. Then I would suggest, get rid of the mouse over effect since right now it seems you are seperating yourself from your site. It isn't personal enough.

    Than use theses color photos to liven it up a bit. The site is desperate for color color color color.

    Lose the jukebox all together. As it stands it's design doesn't make any sense with the sites design. You also seem to be devoting too much space to something that isn't pertinent to your focus.

    There are a few inconsistencies in the design, such as in kites the graphic is under the corner, but in quilts the graphic is over the corner.

    I hope this was helpful to you.


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    I thank you for the wonderfull feedback. I will change things as you are right about the colors. I am no designer so was trying to adopt the KISS method.
    Keep those critisisms coming in guys, I thrive on it.

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    nice first attempt!!!
    jcmichaels said alot and i don't have much to add

    keep on flashin'


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