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Thread: Pixel Fonts - blurry?

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    Hi, i want to use some pixel fonts on my site, but i just read an article that said they can't be done unless exported in low-quality (the .swf that is)

    but i saw at the end that the date was around the time with flash 3,

    have they fixed this? if so, how?


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    READ this PDF.

    Pixel fonts are easy

    go to http://www.miniml.com and read this PDF there.


    this explains pixelfonts better than I can (or want to). and no you don't have to export in Flash 3.

    BUT you always have to have the font at 8pts. in the properties panel. Even if it says (standard_9_65).

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    Originally posted by estudioworks
    Try this:

    I have been up late working on a project so maybe I am al ittle bit loopy, but the article you refer to is downright confusing:
    "If fonts are blurry use a text field, but don't use custom fonts 'cuz they get blurry." ????


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    when using pixel fonts you have to follow a couple of rules. Here are a few important ones which I can think of:

    1: make sure they align to the pixels and aren't inbetween 2 pixels.

    2: pixel fonts always have to stick to certain sizes, usually 8pt.

    3: always keep the font in it's original designed form. Don't for example make it bold etc.

    4: don't scale the font in any way! Neither the font itself, an MC holding the font or the whole swf.

    Pixelfonts are designed so that they fit exactly into the pixel grid(?) of the monitor. Changing them makes them lose this exact fit so that they blur.

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