Hi I have a mac projector file and an fscommands folder on OS X I am calling Install Internet Explorer which is in the fscommands folder

using the following
by the way also have ie5.2MAC folder within fscommands folder

on (release) {
fscommand("exec", "fscommands:ie5.2MAC:Install Internet Explorer");

however its not calling it does the projector file have to sit inside fscommands folder as well or do I have to put a file extension because I don't know what the extension is on a mac for the equivalent of a exe on windows - sorry new to macs.

Just out of a matter of interest - is Netscape or IE5.2 better for distributing for use of Flash MX

Also my JavaScript ()'s that work on Windows do not seem to work on Mac OS X with IE5.2 such as focus() so you don't have to click on movie to gain focus do anyone know the command to use?

thanks in advance