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Thread: ?? jpg pop-up border ??

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    On my website I have thumbnail images which I have load a Chromeless pop-up containing the larger image when clicked.(larger image is a jpg )....

    Ok Great Flash Knowing people this is the part where nobody comes up with a solution !!

    The problem is with the large jpg's which are launched in the pop-up's !! The image's have a border round the leftside and top?
    No matter how much I try and fine tune the size of the pop up, the border remains .

    Obviously there must be a solution because loads of sites us pop-up jpgs, which fit perfect etc etc..

    I presume I just need to add some code somewhere to alleviate the problem....... but what code do I use ? and where do I put it ??

    Can anyone please help... this has been a proper pain in the arse for ages.


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    Try adding: fscommand ("fullscreen", "true"); on the first Frame of the Movie that is the Pop-up. It may make it Fullscreen, but the border should vanish

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    You may also want to do this:

    Take all the Big Images and load them into a new Flash. Move them down to size, get rid of any borders then Make them New Symbols. Save that movie and publish it. In another New Movie, IMPORT that swf. Bring all your edited pics to the Work area. Highlight them all, copy, then PASTE them into the Main Movie you are working on, or into the movie that will hold the Pop-up ( and not sure how you are doing it )
    You will notice that the images are unassigned and will not show in the Library. Convert, ect. as you wish

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    Right ?????....... hehe.. straight over my head mate !

    Let me explain for you a bit more maybe you can help.

    I have thumbnails in my Flash movie which have the open New Window code etc.

    My large Jpg images are in a folder named images.

    So you click the thumbnail it opens a new window to the size of whatever the large picture is , and then the image appears ( only with this border around JUST the leftside and top ?).

    Do I have to put code in with the HTML or put some code in with the flash thumbnail/button?

    What code would work ??

    For an example of the Chromless code similar to mine look at http://www.microbians.com ( if that helps )


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    That URL you posted has a Free download that tells you how to do it.........LOL

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