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Thread: Bummed out by the client

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    Feb 2002
    Hey everybody. I'm bummed because I made a Flash site for a client and they weren't happy with the way it worked.

    The company was used to the standard HTML site, but wanted to try something more "high tech". But the internet bar is still pretty low and high tech doesn't seem to translate very well to the masses running old office computers with old browsers.

    I know it's my responsibility as the designer but I'm just wondering if anybody else ever had this kind of trouble.

    The client asked me why the animation was so slow and choppy. I sort of blamed it on processor speed and internet traffic. After I got off the phone, I checked the site and sure enough, it was slow and choppy. Damn, they were right. It wasn't like that before. How could I explain this?

    I restarted my G4 and went to the site again and this time it worked like it was supposed to, nice and smooth. I figured I could call the client back, but was I supposed to tell them all their website visitors should restart their computers before viewing? I didn't think that was a hot idea.

    Anyways, thanks for listening and any wise words you could pass my way.

    Just letting off a little steam.

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    Is there a Link ?....might help to see it...Maybe you could trim it down some - lighten it up for all those slow-bies.....

    FileSize, a lot of tweening, porky graphics, publish in 5 or 6 ????

    LOL : I have one that is 80 and every phone-convers' is dominated by him cussing at AOL trying to sell him something and the dsl people for not coming out to reset his internet~config's
    every time !


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