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Thread: Fireworks or Photoshop

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    I am planning to purchase either Photoshop or Fireworks to work on making graphics. I am going to learn what ever software I do buy so that I can master it completely...I think the two software I mentioned above are the most trusted and powerful software programs around (not to build 3d stuff as of yet)

    Could you please state which of the two is

    -- easy to learn
    -- powerful
    -- best supported on the web, as in finding updates, plugins, templates

    Also could you please post a detailed forum which support these two software individually...

    If there are any other softwares that just as powerful then please do state them


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    i have them both and i would say i need them both,

    fireworks is good for slicing (generating html), making good backgrounds (compresses better than phsp)

    phsp is more arty lots more control of images, its harder to learn than fireworks but once mastered the world is you oyster

    i think they are 2 different things

    note if u buy phsp u get adobe image ready (sort of like fireworks) i dont use it myself

    hope this helps

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    I don't get why this question comes up so often, the two applications are so different in purpose and features. Fireworks is really like a bigger better version of imageready, photoshop is a graphics application, designed for creating and manipulating graphics, photos etc. It has a lousy 'save for web' feature and that's about it.

    fireworks is not a graphics app in that same sense, it is a web directed, partially vectored, layout and web graphics creation tool. It can't do a fraction of what photoshop does and photoshop isn't up to what fireworks does for the web.

    I would only compare fireworksto imageready, though fireworks is streets ahead in that comparison.

    buy photoshop if you want to do mostly cool looking graphic stuff, incorporating manipulated photo's painterly effects etc, and make do with imageready as your web app, or get fireworks if most of the imagery you're creating is layout stuff, menus, annotative graphics, icons, etc.

    different ball games. Painter or paint shop pro are competitors for photoshop.

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