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Thread: Frontpage or Dreamwear or GoLive

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    Same as the question I asked about Fireworks and Photoshop...

    I have Frontpage but am looking for something more powerful (if something exists). I want to be able to integrate CGI scripting with graphics with text...

    Again could you please recommend one of them...and why

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    Hi again ! it has 2 be dreamweaver, #1 it intergrates with fireworks (images) #2 its the most used in the design world, and #3 it has a cool name kiddin'

    go live is ok, its what u prefer i suppose

    frontpage is ok if u are new to web design but u are limited by it, buy dreamweaver its well worth the money (slight learning curve) but when u get the hang of it you will make sites easily


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    I have both GoLive 6 and Dreamweaver MX, I bought DW but got GoLive free at a conference.

    I have both installed but dreamweaver is my choice, it has been for years and with the new MX version it just got so much better. I love the new interface and workflow, I am so much more efficient with it now. If only my brain could keep up.

    GoLive is good, it has some features, such as a built in browser preview, that dreamweaver doesn't have, it's also better at handling newer features like layers, and support for iframes. But I just haven't gotten into it, the interface isn't as natural to me as dreamweaver's and the work flow is less... well, flow

    I really like dreamweaver, I use it for hand coding most of the time, it has an excellent reference feature and nice colour coding. Plus it's site templates are superb for speeding up design, it's like having CSS for whole layouts, change one aspect of the template and you can make identical changes to any or all pages created from that template.

    I won't go into frontpage, I know it pretty well and it's just not in the same league as these two others. It has nice things about it, it's table builder for example, but it's not, by my measure, a professional package.

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    My honest opinion...

    Dreamweaver is cool... as is GoLive... but.. I just can't justify spending that much money on something when I like coding by hand (I know.. weird) I'd rather use 1st Page and just do it all by hand... and even then I'd use notepad if the colors weren't helpful in 1st Page.

    I like knowing how my site is structured and coded... Plus, no excess html tags lying around anywhere - 100% gaurentee...

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    are you implying you can't hand code html in dreamweaver?

    i think all of us know that's not the case.

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    pretty much everyone I know who uses dreamweaver hand codes most of their stuff. The advantage to using dreamweaver for me is the code view options (colour-coding etc) and the site features, templates, shared files, etc.

    I've never seen dreamweaver insert code I didn't ask it to.

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    I in no way implied that... I meerely stated, and I quote "...I can't justify spending that much money on something..."

    I've used dreamweaver on other people's machines, and quite frankly, yeah, there's cool stuff on there... but is it worth the money imo? No.

    I like the color coding, but many _free_ programs do that (such as 1st page). It also has a color hex refrence, and a small collection of javascript pre-mades for quick stuff...

    Sure I could ripp it off the internet somewhere.. get a hacked version for free. But when I do websites for money.. I don't dare use software I don't have a liscense to... just not worth the risk.

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