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Thread: my first ever crit here

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    I've done quite a few micro sites before, and have been using flash for about the last few months (self taught with a lot of help from here!)

    so i'd really like some feed back on a the site below. I'm sure I'm making some stupid mistakes, so I'd really like to know.

    (this is wrk in progress (ive got to get the size down) what you think?)

    (a flash only section of a main site (below) this is the first flash site I published.)

    (big html site with flash intro, I used a flash enter button which jumps to a random frame which loads different intro page image)

    thanks to everyone onthis site who have helped me learn this much flash so far... so much more to learn!

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    I only looked at the first for now. Really nice. I like it a lot. You did wonders with the stuff you know... But that's the beauty in flash. Not learning complicated fx, but integrating simple fx to make an awsome look - and you did a great job there. Only bugger I noticed is that the text that fades in when you highlight companies (forgot where it is) kinda distorts the background image for some reason.. it shifts it a little to the side... Not a big deal at all.

    Personally I didn't think the file size was that big at all... Perfectly reasonable for the quality of the site you get...

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    I always been scared of those forests, it's soo quiet in there and you can hide everywhere .... anyway,
    the last link , when you passed the intro the site is like realy slow, but then i mean REALLY slow !!! you should fix that

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    good job.. not bad at all

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    I like the designs. The flash is great!

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    Tip for the alpha fade in of pics on the akeler site

    Only fade them in to 99% not 100%, then you will note that they dont 'jump' at the end

    Thread check please

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