Hey, Mr. RJHURRY dot com ... just noticed you're in Tampa ... we're practically neighbors since I'm in Fort Lauderdale ... right across the peninsula.
Email me your rates dan_pryor@rodanmedia.net and let me know what your base is. I am still only paying my own bills at the moment, but if 2003 does what I'm planning for it to, then I'll need someone close who really knows Flash and 3D anime.
Jeff Ryan McIntosh ... I knew a guy named Jeff Ryan once ... both you and RJ send me your emails (others, too (can't remember everyone's names here)) ... I have a billboard from my host-leasing company about search engine stuff you may want to look at ... may help drive traffic to your sites and help out, in addition to the online 'folios and dummy site material.
And ... if you guys need any voice-over material to add extra flair to your sites ... I'd be happy to do a couple of quick v/o's free for your own sites (not too many, 'cause I can get a good cent or dollar for it as it is, but having it on your own sites couldn't hurt). And I wouldn't mind spending a couple hours just doing raw creative stuff.
Let me know.