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Thread: I'm LOSING my MIND!

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    I A M L O S I N G M Y M I N D . . .

    I've been trying to figure this effect out for three hours.

    The link below shows a tutorial that involves three similar alpha effects. I'm only concerned with the first one, the "alpha state change". It can look really cool when implemented .

    It looks fairly easy to figure out. When you download the .fla, you can pretty much take everything apart and see how it is done.

    I swear I have a file that I've created (strictly out of pure enjoyment with a twist of challenge) that is identical in every way to the tutorial. Nothing I do WORKS! I think I've tried everything, except pester our good friends here on the Flash Forum forsome help.

    Here's the link: http://www.virtual-fx.net/tutorials/html/proximity.htm
    If you'd like, I can email you my file. That's if you like to solve puzzles.

    my email is spacerocket@earthlink.net

    I'm using flash 5


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    Hey man.. this guy who wrote this tut was kind complicated ahn? What's the deal with this "dragable empty movie clip"?
    Simple use this code into a movie clip
    this.onMouseMove = function() {
    xpos = Math.floor(_xmouse);
    ypos = Math.floor(_ymouse);

    and you will get both X and Y position (REMEMBER 2 call the variables "xpos" and "ypos" and substitute this for the "empty dragable movie clip". I'm sure this will simplify your code.

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