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Thread: is anyone from the midwest?

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    or better yet are there any actionscript developers in the midwest? reason why i ask is the company i work for wants to accelerate my actionscript learning by possibly hiring somebody to teach on a one on one basis.

    i understand flash as an application pretty well but when it comes to major actionscripting it just takes forever if not impossible to learn. the only thing that i can find are classes that teach flash but don't go too much into actionscripting. i've tried posting on some other forums and haven't gotten a clear response. so i thought i would try here. if there was an actual actionscript class that would be great.

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    hi 000,

    i just responded to your post thru a PM at WH. We could talk about tutoring one-on-one over the net. I have a web cam if you think that would help as well.

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