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Thread: [Resolved] [Resolved] A URGEN HELP!!

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    A urgent help

    Hey guys i was not able to slove this prob now more than a month ok pls help me

    Here is the problem

    I want to load an external .swf file in to my main movie with the preloader

    i placed a preloader in my external swf and loaded it using load movie using target with container movie clip

    Now the problem is when i use that target and load that movie in the container movie clip my preloader doesnt work !!!

    but when i remove the target and load it by using levels asigning 1 (value) the preloader is working but i can alighn it to the desired place on the main movie so pls help me to solve this problem all i want is to load a external sef in my main movie at a desired location WITH A PRELOADER !
    Thanks Hope you guys will Help me

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    where i'm at
    you just loaded the movie to a level instead of a container.
    to place the external movie where you want it.
    this.onEnterFrame = function() {
    _level1._x = number;
    _level1._y = number;

    ----end code----

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    But EQ, that code won't work until the movie is completely downloaded, and certainely not on the same loading script! Loading on levels is different than in container clips in that you can't set properties of the movie until it's fully downloaded, because it simply doesn't exist until then and you cannot set properties of something that doesn't exist yet!


    This easiest, in your situation, would be to preset the position of your "to be loaded" movie within itself.
    Add this on it's first frame:

    this._x = 100; // offset from top-left corner
    this._y = 250; // offset from top-left corner

    This might take a few trials to get it just right, but it's the easiest way to do it.
    You can also set any other property (on that first frame) of that movie with:

    this._alpha = 50;
    this._xscale = 50;
    // etc... etc...

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    Thanks oldnewbie it worked! atlast Thanks again

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