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    can you guys check my site? Because i heard people only see blank screens... can you guys tell me if you see any blanks screens and any comments at all, thanks!!
    link= http://free.hostdepartment.com/damin...main2.htm#here

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    Statistics show that the majority of people are still surfing at 800x600 screen resolution, which allows for an actual viewing width of approximately 780 px, and anywhere from 400-500 px of viewing height, depending on the number of toolbars, status bar, radio bar, location bar, google search bar, etc. a person's browser is configured for. I have 428px of viewing height with my configuration. The top of your entrance graphic starts at 428px. So, all I see is a blank screen.

    Two ways to eliminate this: 1). Raise the graphic, 2). remove: <BODY SCROLL=NO>.

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    oh no wonder, yea i was trying to hide the ads, hehe thanks!
    okay the enter page has been fixed, but in the chormeless window, when someone clicks on the links, they see blank screen too, i know itz not that resizing problem, but can you guys check if u still see any blank screens coming? thanks!!
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    Flat out:: I got so insanely confused with the navagation of your site I gave up.

    It took me like 30sec to figure out how to close the thing let alone even come to any clue how I got to the music section, or how to go anywhere for that matter.

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    That is Gooooooood.

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