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Thread: Short intro for Maxim magazine

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    Please check my last work. It's the very short intro for Maxim magazine (russian edition): http://www.winnie.ru/maxim/

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    I guess it was okay.

    Couple of things
    Did it say "MAXIM PRESENT" because if so ( I think it said that) then it should be maxim presentS. Also, I think unsensored might be spelled wrong ont here.. I dont' know how to spell it.

    You also might consider putting it in a regular window if possible.. I dislike things that popup that aren't real windows - it just bugs me.

    And, also did that x at the top (close button) appear later? Or was it there the whole time? I could have sworn I couldn't find it until I went around switching windows...

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    Thats great work.
    Nice Intro

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    didn't work for me, maybe you need a preloader.. mind you with the agravating full screen who can tell whats happenening

    gotta love big white screens

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