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Thread: _x / _y co-ordinates

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    I'm using attachMovie method to place movies
    on the stage. But because I can't see them until I
    test my movie, I am placing a box where I want my
    movie clip to appear, and taking the x/y co-ordinates
    from the property inspector.

    However, using these co-ords. in the attachMovie params.
    _x and _y , They don't line up, and I have to poke and
    hope until I get it right.

    I have now found the co-ords for the movie I am working
    on at this time. But even using these, sometimes a clip
    appears on the stage very large and not starting at
    those co-ords.

    I'm making the clips by cutting and pasting frames
    into a new movie symbol. but not sure at what stage I
    should be sizing them. ?

    Any comments/advice would be greatly appreaciated.

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    1.) the registration point of your linked mcs should be always left/top

    2.) are you attaching the Mcs to the root or another Mc?
    the registration point of every mc is the pivot (_x=0, _y=0)
    so if you attatch a movie into a clip with _x=20 _y=40 and want the attached Mc to be _x=60 and _y=0 of the _root the coords of the attached is like this:

    _root.containerMC.attachMovie("theMovie", "Movieattached", level);
    _root.containerMC.Movieattached._x=40 (60<-the desired pos - 20<- the offset from the containerClip)


    after that, you can scale your MC:
    mc._width=desredWidth etc..

    hope this helöps

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    hi badbadzmaru
    Thankyou for your detailed reply:-

    I'm quite new to flash and get confused with cetain

    I get confused between Movie & Movie clip.

    so when you say:-
    'so if you attatch a movie into a clip'

    I tend to think in terms of attaching a clip into a

    Basically, I am working on the main time line
    and have movie clip symbols in my library.

    I am using the attachmovie method to place movie
    clips sybols from the library on the main stage.

    I can't recall my exact code but
    I wasn't using _root.containerMC.attachMovie
    possibly _root.attachMovie

    Ill take a further look a little later when I get home
    from work.
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