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Thread: Reset Object?

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    Reset Object?


    Is there a way to reset the Turbine object?

    I have a C# script that goes through a folder and for each files, I want to create a .swf. But when I use the Turbine.Create() function, it adds each image so the last .swf contains all of them.

    Thank you.

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    the final release of Turbine will have a Reset method. Right now you could rely on the garbage collector and simply create another object on top of the previous. For instance:

    Turbine7 t = new Turbine7();
    // do whatever you have to do with t: Create; Load; Generate...

    // after you're done, create another Turbine7
    t = new Turbine7();
    // do the same

    Hope it helps,
    Manuel Fernandes
    Blue*Pacific Software

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    Works great!!

    But in order to make it work, I had to Server.MapPath() every folder.

    Thank you!
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