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Thread: site check please.

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    Okay, I've deleted the other site entirely and started from scratch. Here's what I've got so far. It's only about 40 percent done but I just need an opinion on layout and design. There's little to no content yet. Thanks all!!

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    link to my site

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    Nice colours, though not a lot of content to comment on. Took ages to load considering the lack of content, u might wanna check what causing that.

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    What really catched my eyes in your website was the buttons effect.
    Very cool. Once you have added more content, post it again and we'll have more to say about your work.
    Keep up the good job!

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    Post too much!

    I couldn't wait long. it takes too much time.
    don't you have a preloader. please consider one!


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    I agree on the button effects. Pretty sweet. They kinda threw me for a sec bc you can see the text in the text box below the buttons whenever you hover over them. Might wanna put a grey box behind the buttons to hide the text.

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    I liked it, too bad for the banners.... banners makes me manners (banana's). Buttons sweet... whats with pizza hut??? need copy!

    good work

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