I am creating accessible content such as interactive maps in Flash MX
and testing in GW Micro's Window Eyes.

The results so far are good with the screen reader (apart from the
fact that the typing are of the Accessible panel in Flash MX is
ridiculously small with three lines maximum with no scrolling
facility, no enlargement of the panel and very tiny text input
considering that users with poor eye sight maybe using the thing to
make content for there accessible web sites!? Bit of a sham)

Anyway, I have a map where you can zoom in and out and also print
(using #p assign) when clicking the button. Now, the other areas of
the map have descriptions, yet when I add a description for the print
button (like "this is a print button") I get this in the output

Error writing accessibility information for #p.Line 1: Unexpected '.'
#p._accProps = new Object();

Why or am I doing something wrong here? The other areas all work fine
with descriptions (about ten or more).

Okay no problem, I'll just delete the description for the print
button. Yet, the error still comes up even though there is no
description of any kind attached to the button.

I have two identical movies. One that never had a description assigned
to the print button and the other did have a description but got
deleted due to the error, yet the output still comes up as an error
even though they are visually look the same entity.

Any ideas on this?
Thanks in advance.