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Thread: Flash Player Detection

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    G'Day all,

    Just wondering how to detect the flash 6 player is installed on the client side. Is there an easy way to do this? Should I go back to flash school???

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    check out this tutorial
    Flash Detection Tutorial

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    The MOST simple way!

    Ye...the old good fashion Javascript DOESN'T works on every BROWSERS,
    But this...this is such a good idea that i had never used javascript to detect FLASH. (i got this idea from a tut of FK..can't remembeer what)

    Two steps -
    Make the smallest size of a movie on flash MX (18 px 18 px i guess) and put this simple frame action -
    getURL("main.htm", "_self");
    or whatever .htm to take you to your visitors to your FLASH site. Publish it with the version you wish to detect (In your case, Flash 6)


    The HTML file that will hold this litlle checker (the one u made on step ONE) has this code on the head
    META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL= noflash.html"
    Obs: I don't know how to put the < tags on FK board... if i put it the code disapear! So remember to put < tages before the word META and the close tag after the noflash.html"

    With the 5 meaning the time it gets before going to the "noflash.html" file.

    So...i think you've already realized how this thing work. If the visitor PC load the Flash 6 swf you create this one takes it to the site (note that it's very, very hard that a PC can't load a 18px 18px EMPTY movie in 5 seconds).

    If the file isn't loaded (the guy don't have Flash Player 6), the content it's refreshed in 5 seconds (or whatever..change it for your purposes) to the page with the
    "Sorry no flash player 6 detected blablabla"

    P.s:My god... i love this Flash Detection..it's such a good idea.

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    good idea..

    ... i have used it in all my sites, but... Will it work if you publish with MX (as version 6) and you have the 5 plug-in? Im afraid it would go anyway to "main.htm" because flash 5 "understand" the script. To avoid it i have used a special code which only can be understood by MX, a function with "updateAfterEvent". I had this problem with flash 5 and flash 4, i have a detector with a loop and "this.gotoAndPlay(frame)" because "this" can not run under flash 4.

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