Please help me solving what to me is a huge problem.
I've browsed through every post here and on were-here on the scrollpane, but not found anything about my problem.

I'm trying to do a scrollpane with about 30 pictures, every picture has a short description text beside it.
I've done it by importing all pictures and made a huge movieclip with all 30 pictures in it.. and as you know to handle that movieclip is anyting but easy since it's so long it goes far outside the document and it doesn't really work well..

I realise that this isn't a good way to do this.. i think it should be better to just have a text or xml file with the pictures that should be loaded and the text attached to each picture, but i don't have the skills to set that up
So if someone would/could help me out on this one i would be really happy.

I need my movie to have these preferences:
* scrollpane and movie widh/height 388x280
* 30 (could be more and less) pictures 188x141 pixels
* Each text should have a 150pixel wide and 3 pixel thick dotted line above it. (which would be great to change color on through the preference file when needed)
* A bonus would be to change the colors on the actual scroll buttons and bar through this preference file.

Here is a dummy of how i want it to look like (only 10pictures in this one)
Dummy file

Here is my dummy files zipped with the 10 test pictures if someone want to try and make a better solution.
Dummy files zipped

Any help is highly appreciated

Best regards / Jmx