My boss knows I moonlight(after hours)often to take care of my two children and my ill mother (Cancer). He asked me to take on a project Outside of work for the CEO of the Company for his kids Highschool Program. (my boss and the ceo are friends) The project consisted of 76 pages, a cover, 44 ads and 32 team pictures. I quoted him $1100 (in which I recieved quotes for $4500 to $8000). The Project Quickly turned into more work than expected, late ads, picture dates scheduled close to deadline time so we were in a storm of emails and ads very quickly. Not to mention my boss made a timeline that he wanted to stick to which put more pressure on me. I organized the ads, and began designing the Program but things were hectic. We missed the first two self imposed deadlines from my bosses timeline and they (boss and the CEO) wanted me to work on it at the office. I told them we were ok and that I could get it done, (weekends, late nights) but they thought it would be better to work on it here at the office. Ok no problem I spent about a 4 days straight on the book and have it 85% complete and we have 6 days left before the final deadline. Ok here comes the drama. Now they have changed the scale of the project from 1 cover to 11 covers. One for every athletic team and assumed my $1100 quote was for three books
the winter, fall and spring programs! Not only that, the CEO said that he wanted to pay me half of the project through the company (which will be taxed heavily) and half on the school budget then made reference to me working on it at the office and being double paid. Now I had to put my foot down and I dont like ugly situations. I said that I never asked to work here at the office and assumed it was understood that this was an outside project. Any added work to the project I would need to be paid for. They came back at me and said well your an employee and you should design whatever we ask you to on company time. I said no this is an outside project and you knew that or you wouldnt have offered me any money, plus I wouldnt do personal work for you without getting paid, whether you are my boss or not. His reply well what if we subcontracted out and had you do it then? Trying make me see it his way. At this point I know I being taken advantage of so I nipped it in the bud and said our intial agreement was that this is an outside project and it is. We agreed to one book with 76 pages, and any other work I will need to paid for. He said he needed to talk to the CEO but he felt like If he asked me to do it here at the office now then I should just do it on salary. $35000 per :-(

He was so convincing Im thinking to myself Am I being irrational? No Im not, but I thought I would ask some others.

Whats next? Mowing his Lawn on Company time?