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Thread: loadvariables

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    HElp!! I'm adding a scrollable text loaded externally I always did in Flash5 but now it doesn't work anymore, tried and checked 100 times but no can do. I don't get this. I checked the form already and even convert the textbox and the scrollpane together in a movie and send the variable in to it:
    loadVariables(news.txt, _root.mc);
    but still nothing!!
    I put in my 1st timeline cell the command but it doesn't seems to work anymore, the filetext is there and the variable checked..any help?

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    Either post a link to your .fla, or try using the new LoadVars() function as described here:


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    It continues, but this is weird!!!

    I tried again with no success until I paste the actionscript
    from my old Fla 5 in to MX and it works!!! Weird enough if I
    do write the code myself : loadVariablesNum("news.txt", 0);
    it doesn't work, if I do copy the same code from the fla 5 I have already done it works....
    Is it a bug? Furthermore I get an error message where the mx is not able to find the specific text which is in the same folder, without telling me the name of the file missing:Error opening URL "file:///C|/WINDOWS/Desktop/FMDSitomay02/" <--missing
    filename ??????? it should say:
    Error opening URL "file:///C|/WINDOWS/Desktop/FMDSitomay02/news.txt" is it?

    Mistery continues........
    p.s. there is no option for any zip attachement in this forum...am i missing something?

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