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Thread: Feedback forms in Flash

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    I need a feedback form for my website. I looked at some tutorials on this site but all of them used some type of external script such as pearl or php. Is there a way to submit forms elements straight to an email eddress from flash or would I have to write my own script?

    Also if you want to check out my site so far and give your input that would be really cool!

    Thanks, Josh

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    I forgot to leave my link... my website is at http://difuzhan.com And just to let you know, this is my first Flash website ever.

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    Your gonna need an external script, try this very easy PHP script:


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    "Please Wait. . . "

    Okay. . .

    I have tried to use this and it seems to be stuck on the confirmation of the form. I have adjusted the PHP doc and the flash doc and they are in the same folder.

    1. What do you imagine that I'm missing or over looking?
    2. Is it suppose to redirect?

    It seems to be a cool way of handling the situation. If I could get it to work. .

    Any help would be great!!!

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