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Thread: tweening movie clip for a button

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    making a movie clip to animate a button

    I want to make a movie clip on a button when you mouse over it. i made a simple tween where the oval button stretches out and goes back to it's original shape, but the tween does not work. It appears as though it would work in the timeline, but the motion doesn't appear, it only flashes the one frame where the button is stretched. i haven't found a good tutorial for mouseover movie clips in flash MX... HELP!
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    Re: making a movie clip to animate a button

    Put a movie clip in over state.

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    thanks, but....

    thanks for the tip, but i'm at the point where i create a movie clip in the over frame of the button. it's just that the animation itself is not working. i created the same motion tween that is in another part of the flash file, but it doesn't work on the button, it only flashes the changes that occur during the keyframes.

    any further advice would be apreciated...

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    In your movie clip animation set and action on the first frame to stop it


    then place it in the main time line over the button and give it the instance name of mc_animation. place the following code in the button


    This will play the animation when the mouse rolls over the button.

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