No this is not your typical "how do I use a preloader when I load movies into other levels" question. Here is my situation and I can't figure out a good way to beta this: I have 3 levels working here - 0,1,2 - main swf is on 0...I load in another swf on level 1 and halfway throughout playing the swf in level 1 I load in another swf to level 2 but stop the movie on frame 1 on level 2 and wait for level 1 to finish playing, then start the level 2 movie(to let it load/buffer some when it is time for level 2 swf to start playing). Easy enough. In level 1 I am using the standard getBytesTotal() function in my preloader(small swf anyway)...I do the loadMovieNum() function in about the 10th frame of level 1's swf to load in level 2's swf (which is large). Here is my question: When my level 1 preloader is checking to make sure that the level 1 swf is loaded and ready to go does the newly loaded level 2 swf effect the level 1 preloader!?! Will it bog slow connections down?

Now that I've completely confused some people, any advice is much appreciated as usual. Thanks!

- Sigma