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Thread: working as a contracter

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    I have been developing sites for over 2 years now I design complete sites staritng with xml,asp, and ending on photoshop,3d studio and director. Resently I was aproach by contractor I gues that is how shude I call him he wonts me to work for him, basicly he gets me work and let me use his fully equiped studio which I don't rally need it. Normally I don't really charge less than 45$ per hour for each item and I mean graphics,front end programind and backend programing for example if somebody wonts me to design a site with graphics,front and end scripting it won't be less than 135$ per hour.
    My question is how shude I deal with this guy I anderstand that I probably shude have some special rates in this kind of work and some sheme to folow so I won't get scrude .
    If anybody has any experience in diling with such "contracters" please help me out" and share your wisdom , my gues it could pretty tricky .

    Thax Adam

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    maybe i can't understand your english but if this contractor is offering you a third of these rates you say you earn, why don't you just tell him no?

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    Adell Boo Boo, I think you may find these articles helpful:

    Potential Client Scams
    "How much does a website cost?"
    If Architects Had to Work Like Web Designers

    And to avoid getting screwed, make sure you have a contract.

    Hope this helps.

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    ya, i got screwed over by flashmonster, (sorta the same thing)

    get a contract, and make sure you get no less than 80%.

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