ok... hi guys... i really need help here cuz its really frustrating me, and this might be simple because I'm new at Flash. Anyways this is the problem.....

I'm trying to make a website using flash and i made it so that my links to the other parts of the page would appear when your cursor rolls over an arrow. First though, an animation would appear that makes it so that the pannel with the links do the different parts of the page would scroll outward into the page.

its sorta similar to what the music thing does in this page... http://www.zekestudios.com/flash/main.html

Anyways, to make that effect, i used this actions script...

on (rollOver) {
attachMovie("linkage_name","second_name", 1);

now the problem is that when i use this action on the buttons inside the movie clip it wont work...

on (release) {
gotoandplay("scene" 1)

so i guess to try and sum it all up... "how can i make buttons affect things outside of their own timeline?"

please help me if any of you have any type of solution it would help me a lot
thanks bye