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Thread: Opinions needed for a book

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    Hi all,

    I was co-authoring a book on ASP.NET and Flash MX (which does include a few
    chapters on .NET and Flash Remoting), when the sales team from the
    Publisher's side posted a few questions before me. I wonder if you
    could please help me gather the information they need..plz...

    First, a little background on the book:
    The book is going to be about ASP.Net and Flash MX. It will extensively
    cover how to use both of these technologies to create dynamic websites. A
    good part of this book is also devoted to discuss Flash Remoting, ASP.NET
    and Web Services in great detail.

    And, now the questions:
    Q1a.Would you be interested in buy such a book?
    Q1b.What is your background?
    Q2. Who is the audience for this book? Is it Flash designers moving to
    ASP.NET, or ASP.NET developers coming into Flash?
    Q3.How big is the lure of using ASP.NET with Flash?
    Q4.What effect will the release of Flash Remoting for .NET have on this
    Q5a. What are the advantages of these technologies over others?
    Q5b. How does the userbase for this split between people developing
    applications and those delivering web content?

    Guys...one your opinion can play a big factor in this book..So please do
    give your honest views on this questions.

    Pallav Nadhani

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    Moved to the Boardroom !!

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    asp.net ... i dont really know know what it is lol

    asp.net developers moving to flash(most likely)

    (i tryied to help you out)

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    so you're writing a book and you don't know the effect Flash Remoting for .NET could have on the market?

    or who your audience is?

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    I am not sure what ASP is even about and I am sure not a lot of flash designers either know the language or understand what ASP is.

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    your primary audience would be us flash designers age 22 men, single.

    in my case i am going from asp to flash. but most people are going from flash to asp.

    can i get a free book? please email me some info.

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    Whenever possible, I steer clients away from ASP based solutions. Though not a Microsoft basher, using ASP ties you to their expensive server products, seat licenses, etc. which all but the largest clients can afford. PHP, on the otherhand, runs on Apache sever, both of which are free and open-source.

    I'm all for interoperability, but ".net" has me a bit creeped out.

    So, no, I probably wouldn't buy the book and intend to continue my avoidance of ASP & .net.

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