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Thread: Replacing a Button inside a MovieClip

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    Ok this should be easy, but i can't seem to get it working.

    I have a movie Clip With a Button inside of it. I need to either change the image on that button or replace the button completely. I can't seem to delete it with removeMovieClip or delete.

    How the Hell do you remove a button? or a movieclip that wasn't added via attachMovie.

    Any Ideas?

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    Anyhow i needed to know how to delete a movie clip. I found out how to do it with unloadMovie. So that works. But when i attach the linked button the actons don't seem to work on the button. SOOO if would be a lot easier if i could just change the image on the button dynamicaly. As It could have many different images.

    I was thinking something like

    delete Button.Image;

    But that doesn't seem to work, as attachMovie doesn't see to work with buttons. Anyone know a solution?


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    Haha well i feel dumb for replying to my own Posts so many times, but i found a solution to my problem, even though it's sort of stupid.

    If i create an invisible button then attach the image i want each time, it works that way. I get a Button with different images but with the same actions and everything as the original button.

    If anyone knows a better way of doing this, i'm all ears.

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    make a frame based empty MC, nothing in the first frame, and little functinal brain MCs (empty, of course) in as many clips (and frames) as you need functions, then just remember the frame number of the functions that you want and you have a sort of functional computing device. That could be an answer...



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    That made no sense what so ever.

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