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    I have a site and I want this:

    When you pres a button of a category, I want a movie to be loaded so it doesn't need to load from the beginning of the site.

    But I tried to assign a loadmovie command to my button and it loaded the movie on top of my site but I would like to control the size of that movie and the place on the screen. Now the movie I loaded comes in full size and in the center of ly screen, I want it in half size and on the right of my screen so my buttons are still visible.

    What can I do ?

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    First load your movie in an higher level.

    Second: Define in the movie you want to load the position where it should by with using this._x=xposition; this._y=yposition; You could also scale it with this._xscale=scalerate. But be careful with your graphics.


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