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    Iknow that you can't embed sound loops into a swish movie but is there anyway of doing it by downloading free soundloops and placing them into the html of the page.
    i have a loop that i like it is from flashkit I think. I don't have flash
    p.s. the loop is in mp3 format


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    Hi, Off,

    You can add background music to an HTML page, you can have it loop continuously if you want, but you should keep the file size fairly small. You should probably use a MIDI file and try to keep the file size below 25KB. A good source of MIDI files is the Midi Farm at:



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    Agreed with Bill.

    If you want to use Midi, and don't want to show the player controls, you need to embed the sound file:

    <EMBED SRC="xxxxxxx.mid" HIDDEN="True">

    Note: xxxxxxx.mid = your midi file

    This'll work in NN & MSIE.

    Hope I'm not telling you stuff you already know, or being overbearing.


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