US-MA-Cambridge (near Alewife)-Design Technologist


Affinnova enables consumer goods companies to improve their products’ success by including the “voice of the customer” quickly and effectively at any stage of the product development process. With Affinnova, consumers are no longer limited by static and abstracted Q&A market research instruments, but can participate directly in the design of new products by "evolving" preferred designs individually or as a group. At the heart of Affinnova’s platform is its patent-pending Interactive Evolutionary Design Algorithm (IDEATM) technology that enables consumers to visually explore and react to high-quality images of potential product and packaging designs via the Internet. Based on simple “I like it”/”I don’t like it” feedback to holistic images, the Affinnova platform dynamically evolves the product’s color, shape, configuration, branding, and messaging to generate a new design with a greater affinity to the consumer’s preferences. As a result, Affinnova’s clients receive validated designs and rich market insights for new product innovations, product updates or brand extensions.


·Create tools that can be used by designers to assist in translating artwork into various formats including Flash, Shockwave, and Viewpoint from programs such as Illustrator and Maya
·Write Flash based interfaces and design Flash based tools to assist in artwork generation
·Create Actionscripts that will work with XML to generate dynamic SWFs
·Design and CODE UI to create collaborative inter-department web based tools (ASP)
·Create scripts and / or small apps to expedite workflow and artwork creation from graphic applications
·Create Mel / Max scripts that can be used for exporting of artwork or help to automate artwork generation
·Integrate Front end tools with back end database driven artwork and graphics engine
·Work closely with software developers to create implement front end / back end solutions
·Help with research and development of new processes and techniques for future Affinnova software releases
·Act as a liason between design department and development

Must have:

·Strong Visual Sense and UI background
·Experience with JRUN or Generator
·Mel / Max scripting
·An incredible attention to detail in layout and design
·Be able to juggle 3 or more time-sensitive projects at once and work late if necessary
·Great personality and be able to talk with clients from time to time


·Product design experience
·Design skill such as: Modeling, layout and design – etc.
·Expert knowledge of 3D software such as Max, Maya, Solidworks, Studio etc. a big plus
·Familiarity with Viewpoint, Wild Tangent or related 3D plugin technology
·Experience with Director/Shockwave and Lingo

Requirements for application:

·Professional experience and samples of your work with Interface and / or web applications
·Flash and Shockwave creations
·Be prepared to provide samples of work and be able to demonstrate ability

Additional Information
Position Type: Full Time, Employee

Contact Information
Jay Brewer
Affinnova, Inc.
Ph: 617-665-9494
Fax: 617-441-2092