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    i had the trial installed on my old box to play around a little while back, and have since built a new box. well, i tried to install mx again, forgetting about the trial (not limited version) and quickly found out it wouldn't work ("trial expired"). so, back to macromedia, download a fresh trial, and now it says the same thing "trial expired" so... does anyone know where in the registry i can remove the key that is stopping me from installing a new trial version. i'm sure macromedia isn't letting people download trial versions that are expired. i'm just playing around until i get the money together to buy it, and don't want to deal with any hack or crack crap. i just want the trial to work for a few more weeks on my new box, and then hopefully i'll have bought the full version by then.


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    format your hard drive, then re-install...

    i think you'll have to wait those two weeks...

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    I had the same problem! I acedentely had my computer clock forward by a week, so I said Hmmmm... I switched it back and it expired my trial! I have ordered the full version though it will be here in about a week and a half. (yes, thats right, a week and a half!) When it expires, it makes the macromedia folder and everything in it read-only permenenlty. I found that out the hard way! I un-read only-ed everything, then found that right after you click 'OK,' it resets them!

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    The 30 day trial is just that, 30 days. When you get the money, buy the full program, you won't be sorry !!

    Thread Closed !!

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