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Thread: instant alerts ?

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    Right I don't know if this is possible...

    I want to create a program in flash which acts as an instant alert. i.e. if a new product comes into stock say, someone who is looking for it will recive an alert, like a new email alert in MSN.

    If this is possible could I see an example if possible or a direction to go in to achive this?


    Catt x

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    This may or may not be the wrong forum for this (You could use FlashCom to do it but maybe not the right tool) but anyway.

    I think that what you could create is a flash projector that loads variables from a database calling functions via a PHP, ASP or ColdFusion page, or if you are lucky you would have acces to Flash remoting.

    The principle would still be the same. User selects product to be notified when in stock. This product has a stock #. those stock numbers could be stored as a local shared object and a projector file the user DLs would use those objects to send a query string to the database and get stock information this could be set in intervals.

    Anyway just a theoretical look at one way it could work. You could also dump the local shared object for a username and password like MS Messenger.

    Hope this helps

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