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Thread: Swsih and frames---question

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    It seems like there is a problem with Swsih opening link in a certain frames. I have tried many different aproaches but the links always open in a new window and not in a specified frame. I only have two frames. On the left, which is the swish flash menu and the right one in which I want the link to open in to. But no dice...

    Please help me !!

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    Hi violentdecay,

    I'm frantically trying to dig up a 3 frame, frameset example I did for a client a week or so back, to see what I did.

    As you can't physically "name" the target window, I think I used target = _top. If I dig up the example, I'll let you know.



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    Sorry violentdecay,

    I meant to add that what I did wasn't an elegant solution as you're really reloading the frameset rather than a specific named frame. I'll keep looking for my example though, just to double check.


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