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Thread: Preloader for and onloadMovie only 31K?

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    I have a main time line that comes to certain stop points and loads a very small movie (31K). It's just dynamic text with a scroll bar. Should I have a preloader on it or is it small enough to load without it?

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    Well why not ... If people have fast modem they wont see it if they have slow modem they may seee it a litle...

    Usualy i don't put preloader for less then 25kb but if you need the info your downloading to continu you still need to wait for the movie to have download completely so why not put a preloader...

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    Cool, here's the address:

    The site works nice on faster computers (which hopefully is the targeted audience) but is choppy on slower ones. I'm not an expert action scripter. I'm a tweener.

    It's still WAY under construction, just testing certain things. The only interior section that doesn't have a preloader on it is the "Products" section. Everything (for now) has a preloader. It actually worked nice without one. The split second of the preloader kind of takes your eye away from what's going on.

    We'll see.

    Thanks for the advice!

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