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Thread: Drawing interface, variables stored via xml?

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    I wish to make a drawing interface to be loaded on a level over a dynamic image. At first I need to create some "post-it" stickers which a user can add (1 or many) and write txt on to. As the user click f.ex. "save" the variables on text, position, opacity etc. should be stored. Next time the use imports the image (runtime) i wish to present the "post-it" note at the position and with the text collected from my xml-file.

    I would appreciate a tip on how to start, find example code etc. I consider myself to be at an intermediate level in FlashMX.


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    That question is probably too extensive to answer in one post...

    Have you looked into the Drawing API at all?? I'd look into that.

    Have you visted http://www.tupps.com/flash/faq/xml.html ? I'd visit that.

    After that - if you have specific questions.. or problems running code...

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