I am confused about Illustrator source types and their use in Flash. I do not use Illustrator, but I need to use some files created with it. I see that Flash will accept Illustrator files in .ai and .eps format. My questions to the experts:

- What is the difference between these two formats: .ai and .eps?

- Which is the best to use in Flash?

- Is either format (.eps, or .ai) any smaller in file size than the other?

- Is .ai the default extension for Illustrator source files (like .fla is for Flash)?

- Are .ai files vector graphics?

- .eps files are vector graphics, yes?

I got some .eps files from a graphic designer that are pretty simple, but the file size is huge, what gives? The graphics do look nice, but the same thing created in Flash would be a quarter of the size at least. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.