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Thread: Basic flash problem

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    Please help me!!!

    I have three questions for now

    Ive been using flash for about 3 months now but still cannot get active scripting down. Still a newbie when it comes to flash scripting. Ive been able to morph text and create basic anamations. I built a site which Ive never been able to get all the bugs out and now am tring to get a simple site together before I leave town on Tuesday.

    What Ive got so far is basic two page site. Page one has only one button that I attached the following script to
    I inserted a stop action on frame 1

    on (release) {
    If Im correct this should send me to frame 2 on release of mouse. It doesnt move me to frame 2 it just stays in frame one.

    2) I tried importing 2 10mb video clips to my library one a .wmv file and the other a .mov file I even compressed them to 10 keyframss per sec with sorenson, however they added like 450mb to my project.

    3)Try using intances of a copied button however all similar buttons are also effected.

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    the first question

    gotoAndStop(2); -no quotes - if it fails use _root.gotoAndStop(2);

    I'll guess for the hell of it on your second question - I've never used Sorenson - lower your resolution.

    I don't understand why you would use an instance for a button, so I can't help.

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    Here the problem I can get the live preview working great however when I Test movie my button that links to frame 2 doesnt work. Im baffeled because it works fine until i try testing? I have other buttons in my project also that are doing this also! Why I ask? Why?

    I can ftp the .fla file if needed


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