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Thread: Bookmark not working when going through html

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    Jul 2002
    Could someone please assist? I'm using the following code from the tutorial section.

    getURL ("javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.abc.com','ABC Blocks')");

    It works in the swf file but now then the swf is called through an html.

    Oh and even when going through the swf directly it leaves a javascript code in the addressbar of IE6.

    Any guesses?

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    Jul 2002
    OK - I've done some more research - the issue is that this code works with IE5 when using a URL redirect service but for some reason it won't when using a url redirect service in IE6

    I saw some posts on correcting javascript issues with redirect service but don't know enought to implement a solution

    response.encodeRedirectURL(request.getContextPath( ) +

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