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Thread: several ?'s-dat >avi?,flix>flv settings/long

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    I have been playing around with converting dv in dat format to flash mx.

    1. What is the best converter for this process? convert to avi or mov? I'm on a windows platform.

    I have been using free software, VirtualDub and it seems be working great, plus it has good support and forums.


    With-in virtual dub, I choose the divx codex with least amount of compression or none.

    2. what codex should I be using?

    From there I have been experimenting with flix and squeeze spark pro. Quality wise they seem about equal, making swf files. ( using the squeeze inside of mx, is ok, but pro version is producing some amazing small high quality files) When I try to make a flv in flix, I can only use a "customized " setting.

    3. where are the settings when output is flv?

    And finally, I was having major trouble importing avi into squeeze pro , contacting them , they said they installed a new patch last night and to re install the trial version - presto, works great.

    Ok, one more question - What are recomendations on a video editor for under $100?

    Rereading this sounds like a push for squeeze, it isn't. I'm still debating. flix or squeeze..

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    JB from Wildform here.
    Flix comes with many presets. The MX and FLV outputs use the same presets. However, the presets included with Flix default to the MX .swf output. If you change the setting to FLV output, the preset automatically switches to "customized" since you have changed the default setting. You can easily edit the existing presets or create new ones. Just do View>Options>Edit Presets. There are more detailed instructions in the help file.
    Also, if you haven't tried the latest version of Flix Pro 3, check it out. It now edits, crops, and outputs players for your video automatically.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Ok, Jonathan

    I'll ck out v3. Thanks!

    Anybody on options for dat to avi files???

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    Hi pixelpusher,

    i think dat files can be converted to mpg by just changing the extension to the latter, and form mpg u can convert easily to avi using video tools like premiere.
    Hope it helps,

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