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    Just want to make a simple swf file that is interactive containing a list of questions. Where, whenever I would move my mouse over a word on the list, a diagram or sentence would pop up (not in a new browser window though). I'd maybe even like to make the new pop up interactive aswell.

    Is this complicated for the novice?


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    Here's one possible way you could do this, make each question a button then create a movie clip (with the instance name diagram) and place it on the stage. In this movie clip put a blank keyframe with a stop(); action in frame 1, then in the following frames put a diagram or description for each of the questions, then give each question button the action

    on (rollOver) {

    where frameNumber is the frame number in the movie clip that corresponds with the diagram for the question. eg if question 10 had a diagram in frame 10 of the movie clip it's button action would be

    on (rollOver) {

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