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Thread: is this standard company procedure?

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    ive finally landed a job in designing sites but the firm im working for separate the designers from the programmers, they believe that you can only be one or the other, so u either design the interface or you do the html code and backend stuff. so i just design interfaces, i never even talk to the person/persons who take my photoshop/fireworks file and turn it into a website, i know how to turn it into a website, is this a mental procedure? or do all web site companies do stuff this way, personally i think design the and html code go hand in hand, u cant completely separate them, not unless u want a crap result, which i might add is pretty much the kind of stuff this firm produces!


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    ive never experienced sthg like this - where I used to work you were expected to liaise with the coders and webmasters (i.e Online Operations) and go to all meetings.

    As a designer and director Id go to all the client meetings , then Id communicate the demands and needs of the project with the Ops team and discuss other options before starting with any mock-ups. I think its important for the designers to work closely with the coders to ensure better & tighter integration.


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    suggest it to your most senior manager and get a raise. use the word 'synergy' too.

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