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Thread: drawing lines in photoshop

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    Okay i know this is probs real simple but im just learnin' photoshop...just took a couple of tuts on the web..but one basic thing that they havent told me is how to draw straight black lines or like squares, circles. using the marquee tool i can make dotted outlines that caa be filled in....but i cant get actual borders around the fills. anyone know how i can draw straight lines etc in photoshop?

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    to draw a line:
    well, you got a billion options, here's the easy one:
    -select the paint brush tool
    -make a dot for the start of the line (and realease)
    -hold shift, and then click where the end of the line is

    -select the 'row' or 'column' marquee tool, click & ctrl + backspace it

    -use the pen tool

    circles & squares
    guessing you mean circle & square outlines?
    -do what you did with the marquee tools, DON'T FILL (yet)
    -go select -> modify -> border
    -add a border of 1 or whatever
    -ctrl + backspace it

    the vector way:
    use the 'shape' tool
    -select square or cicle,

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