I am working on a flash portfolio right now. What I would love to do is, I think, a little out of my realm right now, but, It may be reachable with a little guidance.

I have a fairly basic menu, with buttons at the bottom (Print, Web, Photo, Contact, & Resume). What I want is, when the viewer clicks on one of these buttons, a menu pops up above it. The menu will consist of two compnents. The first component will be a text menu stretching vertically from the button. This text menu will have the names of each print sample that I want to show. The second component will be a horizontal bar that will come across the top with thumbnail images of the print samples on them. Now, here is the tricky part. I want the text menu and the thumbnail menu to interact. As the viewer scrolls up and down the text menu, with the mouse, I want the corresponding thumbnail image to scroll to the center of the horizontal bar with it. Capiche?