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Thread: Distorted images problem

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    I've built a movie to run as a fullscreen stand alone exe. Nothing complicated about it and all works fine with only once scene present but when i another scene to the movie, for some reason all the jpg images appear distorted (jagged edges). If i set the movie back to only contain one scene, the problem does not occur.

    The images will be scaled depending on screen resolution but i don't see why they distort when i have more than one scene. Possible bug? If anyone has had the same problem, please let me know how to fix

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    I've noticed this too when Publishing a Scene - the images look good, but when I publish the entire movie they don't look as good.

    I'm using transparent PNG images instead of JPGs.

    Has anyone figured out why Flash does this?

    It would greatly improve the look if the published movie looked as good as the Scene!
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    Me to have run into this problem. I don't know what's causing it, but I've guessed a bit:
    I think one reason might be opacity (alpha). I created a jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces where not opaque before they were placed in correct places. When dragging them over other images, they got these artifacts.
    I think another reason might be that the computer get troubles displaying/calculating placement of the pixels in the images, when they're not placed very carefully on integer x and y's. (x = 8.999 f. i.)

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