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Thread: outlines/border with pen tool in photoshop

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    okay in photoshop when i use the pen tool to create a shape it automatically fills it...can i give this shape a definte outline/border in black or soemthing? otherwise i get say a yellow shape but without a border

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    if u want a black shape with a yellow border, first make the shape, and after check the layers blending options (right click on win or command + click in mac over the layer icon). You can use outer or inner, as well as shadow or glow, and play around with the parameters.

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    Hi i would do it like this

    get the pen tool make the shape, (join the shape up) now look at the "paths" tab

    it should say work path when u have drawn the shape with the pen tool

    there is a little arrow to the left, click and hold it down

    u can either use fill subpath, stroke sub path or make selection (then fill it)

    this is how i would do it

    herr_dada your footer is looking tall ? (hint hint)

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